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Copier and MFP Leasing

       Choosing a new multifunction copier or multifunction printer, is an important business decision that determines your total cost of ownership. Your total cost of ownership is determined by the machine price, supplies, and maintenance combined. In order to to get the best value for your money, call us today to schedule a free consultation. Based on features, speed and volume you require, we configure a system that best suits your office needs. Leasing is an option that makes acquiring a new machine or system affordable on any budget. A 5 year Lease with Fair Market Value, will give you the lowest monthly cost and is 100% tax deductible. You can choose from a $1 Buy Out or Fair Market Value with terms ranging from 2 to 5 years. Based on your requirements we recommend the Lease that is best suited to your business. Whether you have a small, medium or large office we offer you a machine or system that has the lowest total cost of ownership. Once you acquire a machine or system we provide your office staff free operator training. We also assist your IT department with installing the new copier or system on your office network. If you don't have an IT department we will set up the new multifunction copier, multifunction printer or system you acquired from us on your local network for free. As new technology becomes available we will advise you how it can increase your office efficiency and reduce expenses.

Finance Solutions

       We can finance your new multifunction copier, multifunction printer or system at the best rates in the industry. The Lease can be $1 Buy Out or Fair Market Value, with $0 down and terms of 24 months, 36 months, 39 months, 48 months, 60 months or 63 months. For a quote on a new multifunction copier or system Lease, please give us a call today or click the button below. Thank you for choosing Digital Office Sytems, as your office technology provider.

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