Document Solutions

       In order to help you choose the best solution for your needs we offer a free consultation. Whether you need a document capture and workflow solution, a document management solution or a document distribution solutions we can help you reduce operating costs and increase efficiency.


Panasonic Document Management Software, PageScope, eCopy, HyPAS, Re-Rite


Hybrid Platform for Advanced Solutions (HyPAS)

       HyPAS offers software based solutions, that will increase the efficiency of your HyPAS enabled Copystar MFP's. It offers Document Management, Workflow Management, Output Management, Cost Control & Security, Cloud & Mobile Technologies, Network & Devise Management.


eCopy ScanStation

       The eCopy is a software based solution that will increase efficiency and help you reduce your operating costs by integrating paper documents with enterprise applications. It will transform color or black & white paper documents into information that is easily integrated with all of your business applications. eCopy ScanStation can be used with your digital copiers.


eCopy Desktop

       The eCopy is a software based solution that will convert scanned documents, using optical character recognition into editable text. You can also combine electronic and paper documents into a single PDF document. You can scan paper documents, using digital copiers or network scanners, directly into eCopy desktop.


Toshiba Document Capture and Workflow Solution

       The e-BRIDGE Re-Rite is a software based solution that will increase efficiency and is very easy to use. It uses automatic optical character recognition to convert the scanned documents into word, PDF and other 19 file formats. The converted documents can be then distributed to a shared network folder, an e-mail address or both. Since a seat license is not required it is extremely economical.