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Toshiba e-STUDIO 400AC

42 Pages Per Minute in Black & White ▪ 42 Pages Per Minute in Color

Product Details


  • Digital Color Copier / Network Color Printer / Network Color Scanner
  • 550 sheet paper drawer
  • 100 sheet bypass tray
  • Auto duplex
  • 320GB Hard Drive (Self Encrypting HDD) - Exceeds DoD standards
  • 100 page duplex automatic document feeder
  • Scanning: up to 120 images per minute in black & white and 82 in color
  • Recommended for an office with a medium volume
  • Free Delivery / Free Installation / Free Connectivity Support
  • Lowest Price Guaranteed


  • Startup Black Toner yield 6,000 pages
  • Startup Color Toner yield 2,000 pages (Cyan, Magenta and Yellow)
  • Black Toner yield 18,400 pages (TFC330UK)
  • Cyan Toner yield 17,400 pages (TFC330UC)
  • Magenta Toner yield 17,400 pages (TFC330UM)
  • Yellow Toner yield 17,400 pages (TFC330UY)

Options and Accessories

Hardware Accessories

  • 550 sheet paper drawer (MY1050)
  • 2,000 sheet large capacity paper drawer (KD1071)
  • Spacer (GR1380)
  • Cabinet with storage (STAND400)
  • Caster (GR1390)
  • Offline Stapler (MJ1047)
  • FAX Unit (GD1370N)
  • FIPS 140-2 HDD (GE1230)
  • Wireless LAN Bluetooth Option (GN4030)
  • Panel 10 Key Option 10.1” (GR1340)
  • Card Reader Holder (GR1400)
  • Harness for Coin Controller (GQ1280N)
  • Power Filter (PWRFLTR-S1)

Software Options

  • IPsec (GP1080NODE)
  • Hardcopy Security (GP1190NODE)
  • Unicode Font (GS1007NODE)
  • Metascan (GS1010NODE)
  • Embedded OCR 1 License (GS1080NODE)
  • Multi-Station Print 1 License (GS1090NODE)
  • Fax Over IP (GS1100NODE)
  • e-BRIDGE Replicator Ex (GB1550NODE)
  • e-BRIDGE Job Point Ex (GB1560NODE)
  • e-BRIDGE Job Separator Ex (GB1590NODE)
  • e-BRIDGE Plus for Exchange Online V3.0 (GB2320NODE)
  • e-BRIDGE Job Build Ex (GB1610NODE)
  • e-BRIDGE Plus for Onedrive for Business V3.0 (GB2300NODE)
  • e-BRIDGE Plus for Sharepoint Online V3.0 (GB2310NODE)
  • e-BRIDGE Plus for Gmail (GB2380NODE)
  • e-BRIDGE Plus for Google Drive (GB2390NODE)
  • e-BRIDGE Plus for Docuware (GB2430NODE)

Maintenace and Recommendation

Maintenance Agreement: Covers parts, labor, supplies and consumables, but excludes paper and staples.

Toshiba e-STUDIO 400AC is an A4 high quality color copier that is easy to use. The e-STUDIO 400AC is recommended for an office with a monthly volume up to 150,000 pages. The 400AC has standard color network printing and color network scanning out of the box. Now you can have color copying & printing without affecting your bottom line. Digital Office Systems along with Toshiba recommends that you use a Power Filter in order to protect your machine from power surges and line noise. When you purchase or lease the e-STUDIO 400AC from D.O.S. you get free delivery and free setup by a Toshiba trained and certified technician.